Photos by Nick WosikaTapes 'n Tapes frontman Josh GrierWelcome to Rock the Garden 2011! cheap air jordan 11There's a steady rain here right now, and all along the hillside in front of the stage there are brightly colored rain jackets and ponchos as far as the eye can see. Gimme Noise is set up in back of stage at the press tent where we'll be bringing you live blog updates of all the proceedings after each set, starting with Tapes 'n Tapes at 4: 15. The Current also has a live feed of the show for those who can't be here in person today. Jill Riley and Steve Seel from the Current's Morning Show just finished doing their introduction and Tapes 'n Tapes are walking on stage. Hang on tight, here we go! 4: 17 Tapes 'n Tapes walk onto stage, they'air jordan kids shoes for sale re all looking a little wet (surprise! ) but our first thought is: Eric shaved the stache. Oh well. They launch into "Freak Out". We'll be back when Tapes 'n Tapes are done to give you a breakdown of the show. 4: 25 The band just went straight into playing once they came out, but now Josh finally greets the audience. "Thanks for coming out early and in the rain, " he says. 4: 28 To the most part, the set is relying on songs from The Loon and Outside. The last time any of us at Gimme Noise saw these guys play was when they played our SXSW showcase at Skinny's; since then they've been touring and sound pretty tight today. 4: 35 Walk It Off got slogged a lot harder than it ought to have, didn't it? At any rate, the songs from that album cheap air jordan for mens fit in pretty well live alongside the others. Photos by Nick WosikaTapes 'n Tapes4: 38 The audience seems into things on and off. The doesn't help, but when something comes on from the first album it gets a reaction. How many of the people here do you think got their first real taste of Twin Cities music (particularly air jordan womens shoesrock music) from The Loon? Probably a lot more than you might think.
Most people know Ok Go for their music videos. When the band showed up on the Sasquatch! Music Festival lineup a couple years ago, I couldn't contain my excitement, but a friend contested with (paraphrased) "but how great could their live show be when they can't implement Nike Air Max Shoes uk online their video gimmickry?" I then went on to explain that, um, Ok Go is first and foremost about the music, and anyone who doesn't realize that needs to listen to them. It wasn't until later I began listening to the band that I saw one of their videos, the treadmill one. "Here It Goes Again" is a fine song, but nowhere near Ok Go's best work. So, understandably, people were more fixated on the extremely interesting and clever choreography. The band certainly has a knack for that, and it should be admired. However, Ok Go's Air Max 2012 uk sale self titled debut album (2002) was a much better introduction. "Hello My Treacherous Friends" was daring and catchy, and "1000 Miles Per Hour" is like the Moody Blues meets Fountains of Wayne, which works out beautifully. The 2005 EP preceding Oh No, Ok Go's second album, further won me over with a cover of one of my all time favorite songs, "The Lovecats" by the Cure. Ok Go's rendition remains fairly faithful to the original, but delivers it in a smoother package. Drums, bass, keys, guitar and vocals all sound richer. Elementally speaking, the original is more metallic while the cover has a more woody quality. But they really master the Cure's essence with the recording, which solidified Ok Go's place in my heart. The band released the "Extra Nice Edition" of their third album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky (2010) last November, which offered a ton of remixes and alternate Cheap Air Max 2014 shoes versions of songs from the album, as well as a few other treats. One of these was a cover of the Pixies' "Gigantic." Again, Ok Go refines the edges of the rock classic, but stays mostly true to its original style. Damian Kulash coos "Hey Paul, hey Paul, hey Paul, let's have a ball" with psychedelic flair and is a softer substitute for Kim Deal on the repetition of "a big, big love."
I needed the bridge to more directly connect the meadow below my house with my picnic grounds which were on the other side of the sometimes arm of the pond, sometimes nearly impassable ravine. This is the best resource I found online for building this bridge:First step in any bridge project is to measure the approximate span for the bridge both ends of which should be at approximately the same elevation and then decide what exactly you want to be able to cross Nike Blazers online UK the bridge. Those two facts set all the other dimensions. Our bridge was 76 ft across and needed to accommodate a garden tractor or a golf cart and perhaps 20 people at a time not coincident with the garden tractor or the golf cart. A golf cart with 4 people is about 1500 lbs, 20 people are as much as 4000 lbs, while a garden tractor is only about 500 pounds. The garden tractor and the golf cart required a 5 ft wide deck. which gives the sag ("y") in the catenary cable (which is not a catenary but rather a parabola) at any point along the deck ("x") as a function of the suspended weight and the tension ("t") at mid span. For my purposes, t is an input, along with the weight per linear foot of bridge (actually, half the linear weight as there are 2 cables) and the sag is what I aim for. Given the limitations of the equipment and dimensional lumber I could not readily have raised anything longer than the 16 ft laminated posts (4 2x8x16 glued and bolted) with Nike Blazer High Men online which I constructed the 2 towers and minimal bury (approximately 2 ft) that meant I had at most 13.5 ft of max sag to work with. I aimed 12.75 ft of sag to allow for about 6 in of arch in the deck plus a really short suspender at mid span. Taking all that into account, the suspended weight of the bridge is about 4000 lbs, almost all of which is the weight of the dimensional lumber used in constructing the deck. I used 2 in board for everything 2x4x16 and 2x8x16. With that weight, span and sag, I calculated a tension with 2000 lbs of load and treated lumber at 40 lbs/cu ft (which may be heavy, as it is more than the average weight of the pieces I weighed) at 2500 lbs. I used 2200 lbs in my calculations. From that all other loads, such as anchors, eye bolts, turnbuckles, were set. All the main load carrying material (wire rope, etc) were rated 3500 lbs or greater working load. I used 1/2 " galvanized wire rope (about 5500 lbs working load) for the catenary cable and 3/16 in galvanized Cheap Nike Blazer Mid online aircraft cable (850 lb working load) for the suspenders. There are 37 2x8 joists on 2 ft spacing with 37 suspenders from each cable. This was a difficult set of pictures to understand, mostly due to the orientation of the workpiece. I did not understand which direction was which (for instance, where the suspender was going to go in its final orientation in the bridge). I am usually quite good with spatial relationships, but I couldn't figure out how this was going to work structurally until I saw the pictures in the second to last step.
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